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Keep Calm and Draw On

Project: Event Poster
Client: Astute Graphics
Art Director: Von Glitschka

Glitschka Studios will be crossing the pond and heading to London soon to do a creative workshop based on my book Vector Basic Training. I’ll also be presenting my “Drawsigner” talk at the same event later in the day.

Astute Graphics a sponsor of the Lits event asked us to design a poster (20 x 28) they could give away to attenders of my workshop and those who visited their booth.

Taking our visual cues from the rich history of the United Kingdom, we mixed it with the core focus of my talk, and repurposed a popular meme to create a bold yet simplistic design. We purposely avoided branding the poster with even specific information so this design would have a longer shelf life and could be used by Astute Graphics as a promotional piece moving forward.

Downloadable Print
For those not able to make the UK event you can download a PDF version of this design here.

“Keep Calm and Draw On” Poster Design Download PDF Here

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