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Anvil Esquire

Project: Logotype
Client: Daniel Talsky
Art Director: Von Glitschka

Glitschka Studios works with a lot of larger agencies and their multi-national clientele. That said we also enjoy focusing our creative energy on smaller yet equally challenging local clients as well.

One of these smaller clients is Daniel Talsky. By day Daniel is a web developer and by night he’s a rapper going by the persona of Anvil Esquire. He takes his music seriously, but he still likes to have fun with it as well. Hence his moniker is a paradox of absurdity.

Like any creative attempting to get something off the ground his budget was razor thin. Since the real color in terms of his performance is his music we decided to keep his graphics purposefully minimal. We developed a nice brand system he can use in a multitude of ways to help him promote his music and events moving forward at a very reasonable cost.

Tired of the visual tune your identity is singing? We can help.

Anvil Esquire Logotype

Brand Character Design

Horizontal Lockup

Vertically Nested Lockup

Anvil Esquire T-Shirt Design

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