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Working on a Classic

Project: Brand Character Re-Design
Client: Tesser
Art Director: Scott Gagner

Creative firms like Tesser develop and manage some of the biggest food brands in the country. They hired Glitschka Studios to help explore a re-design of the Wendy’s brand character. The rules of creative engagement on a project like this can be daunting, but it’s the type of challenge we thrive on.

We provided Tesser with three different possibilities for a new Wendy’s character utilizing the established brand colors and attributes required in the provided creative brief. For each of the three characters we showed: Two hair styles, Both flat and detailed coloring, along with a background lockup.

Keeping in mind that this art would need to be printed on a wide range of applications, namely cups, bags, wrappers and other forms of packaging, we had to keep our approach simplified to ensure quality reproduction, while still capturing the essence that is Wendy.

Exploratory work like this doesn’t always get used, and I’m assuming this project fell into that category since it’s been over two years since I created it. But teaming up with other creatives in order to help shape the final direction or enable them to win a new account is our primary goal with a project like this.

Wendy Brand Character Exploration

Wendy Character 1

Wendy Character 2

Wendy Character 3

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