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Rebel Church

Project: Non-Profit Identity
Client: Rebel Church
Art Director: George Cuevas

Many times Glitschka Studios is hired by our clients to do exploratory work. Developing and fleshing out concepts in order to help them define a direction, in this case an identity. An art director who works for a church in Florida had us explore a custom logo type solution that would reflect the new name of another ministry they were starting called Rebel Church.

The thought behind our solution was simple, if you’re going to call yourself a rebel than you can’t play it safe. After all Jesus was the ultimate rebel, He spoke frankly to those around Him, didn’t back down, and was nailed to a cross to forever make His point clear. So we felt obligated to produce a design solution that wouldn’t look like any other Church logo out there. A rebel with a cause if you will.

We realized the risk in our approach but felt it was warranted. When our design concept was presented however it was eventually crucified by committee and cast asunder into graphic purgatory. That said, we forgive them because we think it’s pretty righteous.

Church Identity – Logo Type

Brand Icons

Secondary Brand Marks

Leather Jacket Applique

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