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Non-Profit Identity

Project: Non-Profit Identity
Client: Tapestry Church
Art Director: Austin Powell

Glitschka Studios services aren’t limited to mere commerce driven businesses. We enjoy working with non-profits to provide design and marketing solutions that will help them reach their goals as well.

Tapestry Church is a progressive ministry that understands the culture they exist in and needed a new identity that would reflect their core principles better.

With each project we define an appropriate visual aesthetic that fits the client. Tapestry Church wanted to get away from the old stodgy visual past and move into a new clean and modern future with their identity. We accomplished this while still accurately reflecting their purpose statement derived from a Bible verse that says:

“I want you woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God.”

Our client was so happy with their new branding that they asked us to design another new identity for a separate ministry called “Kiddie Garden PreSchool” as well.

Whether you’re a commercial business or a small non-profit we can equip your vision so you can succeed.

Church Identity

Business Card

Ministry Icons: Real | Reaching | Relevant | Relational | Really

Church Identity – Format 1 | Format 2

Repeat Pattern

Business Card

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