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Doodle Art

Project: Doodle Art
Client: Glitschka Studios Product
Art Director: Von Glitschka

When we’re not creating work for our clients you can usually find us doodling. Too many think this is a trivial time waster but we find it to be a unique form of art that can easily be adapted into real world projects.

The raw organic flair of our “Doodle Art” can be created for any type of project be it an editorial piece, background design, wall mural, pattern or just a cool piece of art framed for your design firm.

All artwork shown is available for licensing.

Animated Doodle Movies
- Scan My Conscience
- Urban Burn
- Trashing Abe
- Fungi Film

“Fear of Math”
“Fungi” and “Diablos”
“If Thy Hand Offend Thee” and “Trashing Abe”
“Scan My Conscience” and “Dead Ideas”

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